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The Effect of Loyalty Programs on the Animation of Customer Relations

The Effect of Loyalty Programs on the Animation of Customer Relations

Restaurant closures and restrictions affected customer relationships in the long run. In this period, it is predicted that strong and lasting marks were left on the impression created by the consumers, the future brand image and customer loyalty.

It will be important to keep relations with customers alive by increasing the presence in digital channels during the epidemic period when customers are avoided.

Reviewing and redesigning loyalty programs will be important in gaining customers back in the post-opening period. Taking into account the new needs of different customer segments will play an important role in designing successful loyalty programs.

It is important to digitize the loyalty program. With the pandemic period, the use of technology has increased at all ages. In addition, the data obtained from the surveys show that customers attach more importance to some features and gains in loyalty programs. Loyalty card users attach importance to features such as free food and beverage offerings, offers for special occasions, points accumulation-online tracking-receiving awards, being able to use in all restaurant chains, prioritizing the peak hours, determining the status with the expenses made, and advantageous prices.